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All the Feels...Seriously...At Once

All the Feels...Seriously...At Once

It’s my official 12th anniversary at NCOC today. Twelve years! I have had the same job at the same place for twelve years! I’ve had the absolute pleasure of walking through life with some of the best young people and families the world has to offer. I’ve worked with great people. I’ve learned genuinely important things about myself and loving others well. 

Meanwhile, sitting beside me as I type is the first of many boxes dedicated to packing up my office. At the end of this month, I officially end my tenure at NCOC and, at least for the moment, in full-time church ministry (a 20-year run all told). 

The nostalgia train is running wild today. The emotions are careening in all directions. 

I chose this ending, by the way. I have known for a while that it was time to take a step of faith and see what other directions, opportunities, and service may be ahead of me. I have no regrets. I take away only positive feelings and gratitude about this season in my life. 

True to his character, God has led us to the next stop on our journey. I’ll be a teacher/guidance counselor/athletic director/chapel director at Naperville Christian Academy (NCA) this school year. I’ll be learning and expressing new versions of the same work that I’ve always loved, as part of an institution that has been breathing life and truth into my family for 11 years. Next spring, Zachary (the eldest) will graduate from NCA - the same school where he entered first grade because he demanded to be educated in a place where he could learn about God (true story). 

Nostalgia train again.

I’ll be trying to press further into speaking, research, and writing. BTW - have I mentioned that I wrote a book? Buy one. The kids need school supplies. 

It’s an adventure, this life we live. I’m so thankful to live it with my Stina. We hold it all as loosely as we can. We appreciate today (mostly). We walk with our people. We push the Kingdom outward as much as we know how. We live the present adventure and await the next. 

Holy Cow, it Happened!