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I’m Going To India…With Your Help

I’m Going To India…With Your Help

Hi friends!

I have a great opportunity to go to India and Dubai this spring as both a teacher and an encourager. One of my dear friends is a missionary throughout the middle east and India and has been asking me for several years to come minister there. It’s a once in a lifetime opportunity for me and a huge blessing to a lot of great people there (my missionary friend assures me).  To make it happen, I need partners like you.

The majority of the money I’m raising goes directly to benefit people in India. This includes transportation, lodging, and food for hundreds of Indian believers to attend gospel meetings at a couple sites in India. These people are very poor, so an opportunity like this is a great blessing to them.

Here is a list of all that I’ll be doing on the trip.

–  Preaching at two gospel meetings (some may call them Revivals) in India. Some of this will be to do with sexuality – that should be fun  !

– Teaching at a preacher-training school for students  from all around the middle east.

– Teaching at a preacher-training school in Dubai.

– Preaching at a church in Dubai.

– A total of 11 speaking/teaching engagements over 10 days (yeah, it’s busy).

– Visiting with and encouraging church leaders in the middle east and India.

– Visiting and encouraging the children and staff at orphanages in Dubai and India.

There are more details, of course, but that’s the gist of it. It will be incredibly busy and, frankly, exhausting. My friend assures me that it will be a tremendous gift to the people of India, and throughout the middle east who are greatly encouraged by these events.

By the way, I haven’t mentioned the identity of my missionary friend as spreading the good news of Jesus in many of the places he goes is fraught with danger from those who oppose Christian voices. I do not want my public appeal here to create any unneeded danger or trouble for him, so I’m keeping it a little vague.

Can you help? Any amount would be an enormous blessing. There’s a wish list available if you want to give toward a specific event or cause. Of course, airfare and other traveling expenses are a large portion of the cost as well.

I need to start gathering funds immediately to keep costs of flights down, in particular.

If you’d prefer, you can send a check to the following address (tax deductible!). Make the check payable to Naperville Church of Christ. Write “Adam Mearse mission” in the memo line.

Adam Mearse
c/o Naperville Church of Christ
2035 E. 75th St.
Naperville, IL 60565

Or, CLICK HERE to visit my GoFundMe page.

Thank you for your partnership in this great opportunity that I hope will be of help to Christian brothers and sisters across the world.

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