About Adam


Hello, my name is Adam Mearse.

I’ve been in ministry for over 19 years – most of that with teens and families, but more recently focused on ministry to the entire church community. I am passionate about spiritual formation, relationships, and bringing the narrative of Scripture to life. I do a lot of preaching and teaching in all kinds of settings (churches, the academy, camps in the middle of nowhere, etc.). I’m some combination of theologian/counselor/educator by training. I value difficult conversation carried out in honesty and integrity. So, if I happen to touch on something you find interesting, provocative, or wrong, jump in the conversation.

I like school and learning (you don’t have to go to school to learn, but I like both). My academic background reflects the areas that have always interested me most. I have a BA (Bible and psychology), a couple of MA’s (ministry and counseling), and a PhD (education) from Trinity. While this is all well and good, it also creates a great angst within me as the last thing I ever want is to become someone who’s learned so much that I can only converse within academic circles. It is a great advantage to me that I have frequent interaction with teens and emerging adults who keep me grounded in real life conversation and language.

What you’ll find here are thoughts about ministry, life as a follower of Jesus, culture, perhaps some poetry, and the occasional nonsensical rambling that I find humorous.